The raw material used is the base on which the quality of the finished product depends.  The team at Shroff`s Carpets, fully realizes the importance of quality raw materials in our products, and are focused on monitoring and improving all inputs that go into making a Shroff`s product.

  • Careful vendor selection, with close and constant interaction
  • Inspection at supply of all raw materials with
    • Comprehensive tests on premises in our yarn-testing laboratory
    • Separate team trained and conscious of responsibility
  • Raw-material purchasing team to monitor and develop materials constantly

In a constantly changing ‘fashion' led industry, the design team at Shroff`s has to be on top of current and anticipated trends, using a balance of traditional and modern techniques and tools:

  • In-house design and product development team with experienced as well as ‘fresh' minds
  • Innovation in developing new products and constructions, in keeping with the needs of the floor-covering consumer
  • Best tools, professional help, and market studies to constantly update design, color, and fashion trends

Designing manually by hand, by age-old techniques, for traditional products· Constant updating and upgrading of colour matching techniques – use of shade-ranges from Chromatone TM and Pantone TM:  Allows an accurate exchange of ideas on colors to be used or changed in designs and collections over long distances

  • Full-scale graphical designs made by hand, and by computers checked carefully at each stage
  • Top quality word-acclaimed vendors of dyes and chemicals to maintain consistent quality of dyeing
  • Colour matching laboratory to monitor quality of dyeing maintained for each customer and product
  • Careful weaver selection
  • A large team of supervisors keep a consistent vigil on all rugs  
  • Constant and close supervision to maintain:
    • Quality
    • Time-schedules
  • Competent, well trained and empowered team to supervise production   
  • Branches in different parts of the weaving areas to maintain systems and quality in the far-flung areas of weaving
  • Careful washing imparts a sheen and finish to the rug, that brings out the best out of the yarn used.

Different types of washing:

  • ‘Regular', chemical wash
  • Herbal, antique or tea washes
  • Soft wash
  • Luster wash  

The final touches that make each rug the masterpiece that it is…

  • Meticulous and intricate work is performed by hand to ‘finish' each rug
  • Trained and experienced finishing team for each operation, including carving, clipping, edge binding, design alignment, etc.



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